Working Title: "D FILM"


During July we will filmed a cool dance film at Tingstäde, Gotland. 

Right now we are working with the postproduction. More information and pictures will be posted soon.


Production Company: Icefire AB

Director: Elinor Isenberg

Director of Photography: Maja Dennhag

Dancer: Åsa Kalyani Rudehill

Focus Puller: Emil Åstrand

Hair/Costume: Ellinor Eriksson

Camera Assistant: Mats Isenberg

Production Assistant: Magnus Appelholm

Musik: Tba

Editing: Tba

Postproduction: Tba

Grading: Tba


Thanks To:


Jesper Van Dongen

Martin Söder

Johanna Wennerberg


Åsa Isenberg

Lars Isenberg

Bik Bok Visby

Vila Visby